Startup, Legally! is an online course to walk you through the legal steps of starting your business.  Business attorney Wesley Henderson will teach you everything you need from how to pick a name to which entity is best for you to the types of insurance needed. 


You’ll also receive important business contract templates (and other downloads) written by an attorney.


Startup, Legally! gives you the information and real-life examples you need to make smart decisions in your own business while also learning from others’ mistakes to avoid the most common legal pitfalls that can derail an otherwise profitable business.


Start Here to learn about which entity is best for your business with this free information-packed guide. You’ll discover:

* what to look for in a business entity

* the pros and cons of each entity

* how to reduce risk to your personal assets

* why the LLC might be right for you

…and much more


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Take advantage of the following free, useful articles. This information is designed to empower you with reliable legal information to help you make better decisions as you start your entrepreneurial journey.


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Note that this is distinct from my law practice. If you are searching for personalized legal advice for your business in South Carolina, please contact me, Wesley Henderson, directly at or check out our firm’s website for more information.

5 Steps to Start Your Business - Legally

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